Center on Autobiographical Memory Research, Aarhus University  

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Portraits of attendees














Dorthe Berntsen

Welcome address










Daniel Schacter

Harvard University

Constructive memory and imagining the future







Eleanor Maguire

University College London

Scenes, spaces and memory traces: how do humans recollect the past?







David Rubin

Duke University

Event memory: The basis of autobiographical memory in human and non-human animals


Lunch and  poster session    

Jonathan Crystal

Indiana University

Remembering the past and planning for the future in rats







Nicola Clayton and Clive Wilkins

University of Cambridge

The projection of self in time


Clive Wilkins, Nicky Clayton, and Amanda Seed on their way to the reception at Aarhus City Hall






Aarhus City Hall welcoming reception


Aarhus city councillor










Jonathan Crystal, Dorthe Berntsen, & Josep Call









Steve Janssen & David Rubin

Thursday, June 19    

Martin Conway

City University, London

On the evolution 0f autobiographical memory



Joseph Fitzgerald asks a question













Dorthe Berntsen

Aarhus University

Involuntary autobiographical memories: A shortcut to the personal past




Josep Call

University of St. Andrews & Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany

Great ape memories







Thomas Zentall

University of Kentucky

Episodic memory: The answer to a surprising question



Discussants: David Rubin and Dorthe Berntsen





  Final keynote presenter:

Michael Corballis

University of Auckland, NZ

Mental time travel and language. What you can and cannot tell.





Corballis & Darwin on evolution ......