Center on Autobiographical Memory Research, Aarhus University

Comparative perspectives on autobiographical memory     Aarhus, June 18-19, 2014



The conference featured 42 posters. Here are a few of them


Peter Krųjgaard and Marie Louise Rimestad



Sonne, Kingo, & Krųjgaard:
What eye tracking reveals about 20-month-olds' encoding process in an elicited imitation study






Alexandra Smith
and Ekrem Dere













Edward Legg















Claudia Fugazza


Fugazza & Miklósi: Dogs' memory and deferred imitation of human actions: How long do they remember and what do they recall better?






Dorthe Thomsen


Thomsen & Pillemer: I know my story and I know your story: Comparing peoples' knowledge of their own versus a close other's life story







Ljerka Ostojic


Ostojic, Legg... & Clayton: Not stuck in time: Jays that can act for a future self can also act for a current other











Dan Schacter
Aline Cordonnier









Katie Dickerson