Anders Gade: Teaching, selected publications, biography, current research, and Copenhagen Neuropsychology Database (Brain180)

Teaching (until 2016)

Lecture notes (mainly as powerpoint files of dias)


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Gade, A. (1982). Amnesia after operations on aneurysms of the anterior communicating artery. Surgical Neurology, 18, 46-49. pdf
Gade, A., & Mortensen, E.L. (1990). Temporal gradient in the remote memory impairment of amnesic patients with lesions in the basal forebrain. Neuropsychologia, 28, 985-1001. pdf
Mortensen, E.L., & Gade, A. (1993). On the relation between demographic variables and neuropsychological test performance. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 34, 305-317.  pdf
Gade, A. (1994). Imagery as a mnemonic aid in amnesia patients: effects of amnesia subtype and severity. In M.J. Riddoch & G.W. Humphreys (Eds.), Cognitive neuropsychology and cognitive rehabilitation. Hove: Erlbaum.  pdf


 Gade, A. (1997). Hjerneprocesser. Kognition og neurovidenskab.  
 København: Frydenlund. 580pp

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A. Gade, C. Gerlach, R. Starrfelt, & P. Møller Pedersen (Eds.)(2009). Klinisk neuropsykologi. København: Frydenlund. 593 pp.




I had my basic training in psychology at Copenhagen University, graduating with a ph.d. ( in 1974 following experimental work in physiological psychology. My thesis dealt with neostriatal and frontal lobe function in rats. The next 16 months was spent at the Boston University Aphasia Research Center at Boston VA Hospital. I pursued clinical neuropsychology, first at Odense Hospital, Dept. of Neurophysiology, and from 1979 at the National Hospital (Rigshospitalet) in Copenhagen, Dept. of Neurology. At the same time I acted as a neuropsychological consultant to several neurology departments at provincial hospitals. From 1982 to 1985 I had a Medical Research Foundation grant to study amnesia after aneurysms on the anterior communicating artery. In 1988 I obtained a post at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Psychology, as an associate professor (adjunkt) in neuropsychology. Since 1992 I have been senior lecturer (lektor). My current main teaching responsibilities are in graduate neuropsychology, and I am the coordinator of the graduate study program "Neuropsychology and Applied Cognitive Psychology".

Primary research affiliations: Memory Disorders Clinic, Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet; Department of Psychiatry, Rigshospitalet; Pediatric Department, Herlev Hospital, and FReJA (Frontotemporal Research in Jutland Association)

Personal: Two of my favorite photos and some personal information.

Current research

1) Studies of familial frontotemporal dementia (especially related to chromosome 3), 2) studies of social cognition, 3) studies of Huntingtons Disease and Tourette syndrome, and 4) depression in remitted phase

Research collaboration


Neurobiology Research Center
Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark (Gitte Moos Knudsen)

Department. of Neurology
Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen (Asmus Vogel, Jette Stokholm, Peter Johannsen, Gunhild Waldemar, Jørgen E. Nielsen)

Department. of Psychiatry
Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen (Lars Kessing, Ulla Knorr)

Pediatric Department, Herlev Hospital (Liselotte Skov, Nanette Debes)


 MRC Prion Unit, Neurogenetics Department, London (Frontotemporal Research in Jutland Association:  Professor John Collinge, Adrian Isaac)

Dept. of Neurology, Nashville, TN (Scott Wylie)

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Anders Gade
December, 2016