Copenhagen Neuropsychology Database.               Anders Gade

Information on the database

Instructions for import from PubMed into Reference Manager (maintaing the structure of the database)

Downloadable updates. Download the two files onto your Reference Manager directory (or, if zipped,  unzip after downloading) and open the temporary database (e.g. "January2017" in Reference Manager together with Brain180. Click on References, Copy between Databases (making sure that source and destination are correct). That's it! (Updates are still in Reference Manager, but they can be opened in Endnote and converted to Endnote)

New: entire database per February 2020

Brain180 Feb. 17. 2020. Download the two database files: Brain180.rmd (280MB) and Brain180.rmx (402MB) . When downloading, make sure you download with the correct extensions: .rmd and .rmx