Anders Gade &   Hanne Udesen

Bakketoften 13

DK-2760 Måløv



Telephone +45 39560393

                            On Langehus


We live in Copenhagen, and Langehus is our second home in the country. It is located on the peninsula (almost island) of Thyholm, ab. 15 km north of the town of Struer in Northwestern Jutland. On the map, the location is indicated by an X.

(We have on several occasions exchanged homes for vacations with Germans, Brits,  Norwegians, Americans, Australians, and others, and we also offer a combination of our country home and our house in Copenhagen)


The house is situated in a garden in open farming country 800 m from Limfjorden and a beach, with a good view over the sea. There are no close neighbors, nor any houses between us and the sea.



  The house was built in 1980. It is a fairly large (groundplan 105sq.m + a 2nd floor) brickhouse retaining the style and rustic appearance of the previous farmhouse, including a thatched roof, although with modern conveniences. There are two large living rooms, one on the groundfloor and one upstairs with a large window facing the sea. Heating is by electricity and two wood-burning stoves, and the house is well insulated for round-the-year residence.




There are two bedrooms with two beds each, and in addition several extra matresses. There is a sauna, and the kitchen is well-equipped. There is a telephone (+45 9787 5484) and a radio. There is also a TV, but it can take only Danish stations! We keep the garden, including a vegetable patch. You may use the garden produce freely, but we also expect guests to mow the lawn when needed!  

Since the house is our second home, it is also available for non-simultaneous exchanges



Our interests in exchange: 



 Generally: A house or cottage in mountains, or in a geologically interesting area.

                                                                        Anders Gade & Hanne Udesen