FReJA and FTD3. 

2. Borbjerg Mill meeting June 22-25 2005

We invited the FTD3-family to information (specifically on the newly found gene mutation and the possibilities for genetic counselling and genetic tests), blood taking and  neuropsycological tests at Borbjerg Mill Inn. For the family it was also an opportunity to spend time with their kin.

"Doctor's loft"


Jerry Brown, Jørgen Nielsen, and Peter Johannsen







The greater part of the Borbjerg team in front of the mill lake.

1. John Collinge; Anne Søndergård; Birgitte Fagerlund; Asmus Vogel; Jerry Brown; Nick Parkinson
2. Jørgen Nielsen; Tine Wøbbe; Anne Tersbøl Melsen; Hanne Udesen; Gaia Skibinski

June 23 and midsummer is St. John's night. In Denmark we have a tradition of bonfires with a witch on St. John's night.

John Collinge, director of the MRC Prion Unit, Institute of Neurology, London

Neuropsychological screening tests: "Test-stations" at the inn's "theme rooms"

Neuropsychologist Tine Wøbbe in the Emperor Ming room















Neuropsychologist Anne Tersbøl Melsen in the Skagen room













Neuropsychologist Birgitte Fagerlund, in the Karen Blixen (Isac Dinesen) room










Some FReJA members took along their families
We hope that the FTD3 family also likes our way of organizing meeting and assessment. We have fun.

Jørgen Nielsen with family











Ida Holm with family
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