Oct. 1974-Jan.1976

Boston University Aphasia Research Unit - Boston Veterans Administration Hospital

In the 1970's, Boston VA had become one of the most exciting places for neuropsychology under Harold Goodglass' leadership.

I had the good fortune to get a stipend to work here. Marlene Oscar Berman was my supervisor

  Marlene Oscar Berman

June 14, 1975, David Rosenfield invited to a party at his apartment on Bunker Hill.

Reenactment of the Battle of Bunker Hill

     David Rosenfield


Rus Butler

              Harold Goodglass

  Davis Howes


               Nelson Butters


 Esther Strauss

                          Jane Weissman


  Howard Gardner

                          Edgar Zurif

At Halloween, Sheila threw a party in room 14-84



                   Yes, this is Edith Kaplan

   More Edith












                  Gladys Bernadinelli

In August 1975, I went to Chicago for an APA meeting -

and let myself be photographed in a park in Milwaukee

Recreation: Skiing and running and such things

My first marathon - Bay State Marathon in November 1975

After my course in the NA Orienteering championships, Bear Brook State Park, NH,  May 1975