A tribute to Dutch neuropsychology ......    
Holland has many fine neuropsychologists. Here are a few as I saw them at the INS meeting, July 10-13, 2013    

Dirk Bakker

Dirk has contributed to the study of dyslexia, including the 1990 book "Neuropsychological treatment of dyslexia".

He has also been very active in the INS; he was the organizer of one of the first European INS Meetings, in June 1978, in Conference Center Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout.








Anke Bouma

Univ. of Groningen

Anke's early work was in hemispheric specialization, and she has since ranged widely, including developmental neuropsychology, neuropsychological assessment, and dementia









Sander Daselaar

Donders Institute,
Radboud University


Most of Sander's research has been neuroimaging studies of processes in episodic memory












Edward de Haan

Univ. of Amsterdam

Early work was in visual cognition and face recognition, much of it together with Freda Newcombe and Andy Young. This may still be his preferred areas of study, but he has also supervised over 38 ph.d.-students, and thus ranged widely








Roy Kessels

Radboud University Nijmegen


Roy is president of the Netherlands Society for Neuropsychology, and he was program chairman of the INS meeting.

His research interests are wide. He has published particularly in areas of memory, using both neuroimaging and patient studies. This includes studies of the neural basis of working memory binding and episodic memory, spatial memory, and memory disorders.


Jaap Murre

Univ. of Amsterdam

Most of Jaap's reserch is on various aspects of memory, and he is in particular known for his mathematical and connectionist modelling of memory










Albert Postma

 Utrecht University


Albert's research is mainly in spatial cognition and spatial memory, both functional characteristics and neuroanatomical basis, using neuroimaging and patient lesion studies. He is also interested in other aspects of memory.








Ben Schmand

Univ. of Amsterdam

Ben's research is very 'clinical', perhaps reflecting the fact that he worked for a couple of decades as a clinical neuropsychologist before joining the university. His research includes neuropsychological assessment, 'validity testing' and  numerous neurological patient groups, prominently Parkinson's diesease and other movement and dementia disorders.




Jacoba Spikman

Univ. of Groningen


Jacoba's research is in various aspects of traumatic brain injury, including deficits in attention, executive functions, and social cognition, and their rehabilitation.

At the INS conference, she conducted a workshop on "Neuropsychological rehabilitation of social cognition impairments resulting in behavioral changes"



Harry van der Vlugt

Harry was formerly at Tilburg University; now he is in private practice in forensic neuropsychology.

He trained with Paul Satz and did research in brain laterality and hemispheric specialization. He was greatly active in INS and served as European Secretary from 1981 to 1994






Martine van Zandvoort

Utrect University

Martine's research is primarily in stroke and other vascular disorders,  and in neuropsychological syndromes such as visual perceptual impairments, agnosias, and executive dysfunction.

At the INS conference, she conducted a workshop on "Cognitive assessment at the stroke unit: from bedside testing to full neuropsychological assessment".







Photographs: Anders Gade