Photographs from Amsterdam

(selected highlights)


Symposia & free papers


Dutch neuropsychologists


Roy Kessels

President of the Netherlands Society for Neuropsychology
program chairman










Edward de Haan introduced Ian Robertson




according to Edward:
Ian's dilemma


Invited address


Ian Robertson


Cognitive reserve












Invited address


Julie Snowden


Frontotemporal dementias: Behaviour, cognition, phenotypes and genotypes













Invited address


Paul Burgess


Rostral prefrontal cortex: The seat of metacognition








Invited address


Andrew Mayes


Functional heterogeneity for memory of the medial temporal lobes and their connections











INS presidential address

Jennie Ponsford

It's not only the injury that matters, but the kind of head


INS Business Meeting and awards ceremony    
Robert Heaton


Kathleen Haaland
Kathleen has been our JINS editor since 2005.
She will be succeeded by Steven Rao

Gordon Chelune
giving the treasurer's report.

Robert Bornstein.
For as long as anyone can remember,
Bob Bornstein has been our secretary.

Now Gordon will take over as secretary

The Paul Satz_INS Career Mentoring Award was awarded to Edward de Haan



Martine van Zandvoort gave a very personal description of Edwards merits

Edward de Haan

University of Amsterdam














Michael Kopelman

recipient of the Distinguished Career Award






Michael Kopelman

King's College, London













Roy Kessels & Egil Nygaard


The Nelson Butters Award for the best submission by a postdoctoral fellow was given to Egil Nygaard, University of Oslo


Photography: Anders Gade