Theoretical perspectives on autobiographical memory, June 13-16, 2010.  
Aarhus University, Denmark

Poster sessions    
About 65 posters were presented (here 15)    
# 101    

Amanda Miles

Aarhus University










# 107


Anne S. Rasmussen

Aarhus University


Rasmussen, Berntsen & Habermas: The directive, self and social functions of autobiographical memory: Individual memories and individual differences








# 110    

Patricia Bauer, Theodore Waters, & Robyn Fivush

Emory University





# 117


Makiko Naka


Lifescript and legal age


Doris McIlwain

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Remembering feeling: reflection and rumination as determinants of the valence of autobiographical memories


# 131

Peter Lee

University of Alberta, Canada











Scott Cole

University of Leeds, UK


Cole, Morrison, & Conway: The self and its role in constructiong autobiographical future events






# 202    

Donna Rose Addis

University of Auckland, NZ


Addis, Knapp, Inger, & Schacter: Common and distinct neural substrates of direct and generative autobiographical memory retrieval







Simon NÝrby

Copenhagen University


NÝrby, Lange, & Larsen: Forgetting to forget: On the duration of voluntary suppression of neutral and emotional memories





# 218    

Victor ClŠudio

Lisbon, Portugal







# 226    

Steve Janssen

Duke University, Hokkaido University


Janssen, St. Jacques, & Rubin: Temporal distribution of recollective memory




# 227    

Rikke Lambek

Aarhus University


Lambek & Shevlin: Development of working memory and response inhibition in school-age children: Age and structural organisation issues





# 228    

Tomoko Oyama

Hokkaido University, Japan


Oyama & Naka: Narratives of Japanese elementary school children about positive and negative events







# 229    

Hale ÷gel Balaban

Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey


Balaban, Kraus, Wagener, KŲhnken, & Aksu-Koc: A cross-linguistic comparison of source monitoring performance of Turkish-speaking and German-speaking children




# 231    

Silvio Benavides Varela

Trieste, Italy


Remember the first word? A brain-imaging study of memory for words at birth






Photographs: Anders Gade, Dept. of Psychology, Copenhagen University