Theoretical perspectives on autobiographical memory

June 13-16, 2010

Aarhus University, Denmark


Conference organized by CON AMORE (Center on Autobiographical Memory Research)


Invited speakers Posters  


Invited speakers    

Morris Moscovitch; Martin Conway; Dorthe Berntsen; Merlin Donald; Arnaud D'argembeau; Patricia Bauer;
Roberto Cabeza; David Rubin; Alan Baddeley; Robyn Fivush;
Norman Brown; William Hirst; Joseph Fitzgerald; David Pillemer; Tilmann Habermas

Sunday night: Opening buffet at the Antique Museum    

William Hirst studying the antiquities




The conference was held at the 'aula' (main hall) of Aarhus University









Joseph Fitzgerald









Morris Moscovitch & William Hirst  


Dorthe Berntsen, Martin Conway & David Rubin at the conference dinner  
Photographs by Anders Gade, Dept. of Psychology, Copenhagen University