The social brain
- development and dysfunction

10th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology, Aalborg, Denmark, 15-18 August 2010    

Symposium 1: Neurocognition and emotional processing in psychiatric disorders

Organized by Merete Glenne Øie & Erik Hessen, Norway

Aina Holmén   Carmen Simonsen
    Mari Stand and Vegard Øksendal Haaland also participated in symposium 1




Symposium 2: Frontotemporal dementia

Organized by Jette Stokholm, Copenhagen


Christopher Kipps, Southampton.

Other presenters: Peter Johannsen, Jette Stokholm & Anders Gade




Symposium 3: Serotonin, emotions and the social brain

Organized by Anders Gade, Copenhagen

Gitte Moos Knudsen

Neurobiological Research Unit,
Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen


Ulla Knorr

 Dept. of Psychiatry, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

Question from
Jørgen Scheel-Krüger





Hartwig Siebner
MRI Research Center,
Hvidovre, Copenhagen







Linn Øfsti, Dept. of Psychology, Copenhagen University Gry Zornhagen, Dept. of Psychology, Copenhagen University  



Symposium 4: Neuropsychological aspects of pain

Organized by Laura Petrini, Aalborg







Symposium 5: Social cognition in schizophrenia Organized by Anja Vaskinn, Oslo Abstract
Anja Vaskinn, Oslo Nicole Frommann, Düsseldorf  
Vibeke Fuglsang Bliksted, Aarhus Daniela Schaub, Bochum  



Symposium 6: The neural bases of value-based decision making in social contexts

Organized by Thomas Z. Ramsøy, Decision Neuroscience Research Group, Copenhagen Business School & Danish Research Centre for MR, Hvidovre Hospital, Copenhagen




Symposium 7: The ever-lasting process of self-regulation throughout the life-span: The alliance between affective neurosciences, neuropsychological rehabilitation and neuropsychiatry Organized by Jukka Loukkola, Finland




Symposium 8: Interacting minds: Clinical perspectives Organized by Andreas Roepstorff, Chris Frith, & Uta Frith, Aarhus Abstract


Symposium 9A: Assessment and aspects of psychopathy Organized by Tine Wøbbe, Forensic Psychiatry, Sct. Hans Hospital, Roskilde, Denmark Abstract

Mickey Kongerslev and Tine Wøbbe












Symposium 9B: Emotional intelligence: Focus on the MSCEIT Organized by Anders Gade, Copenhagen Abstract



Symposium 10: Family matters: Including the family in brain injury rehabilitation Organized by Rikke Kieffer-Kristensen Abstract
Kate From & Rikke Kieffer-Kristensen









Photographs: Anders Gade, Department of Psychology, Copenhagen University