The social brain
- development and dysfunction


10th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology, Aalborg, Denmark, 15-18 August 2010

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The new field of social cognitive neuroscience is increasingly relevant and important for neuropsychology. Social cogniton includes perception of emotional expressions and feelings, understanding of intentions, actions, thoughts and emotions in both self and others, perception of social signals, the link between emotion and reason, empathy, morality, emotional and social skills, and the relations between social cognition and executive functions of the brain. Methods and concepts initially used in autism and neuroimaging research are now being adapted to and used in patient studies. We wanted to focus on this exciting development in neuropsychology and  invited prominent speakers on both basic research in social cognition and neuroscience and their applications to clinical patient groups.


Organizers Marianne Verdel, Louise Poulsen, Lene Sahlholdt, Lotte Fensbo, Camilla Overbeck, & Malene Stoltze Rasmussen decide that - yes - the logo-banners are in place




Opening of the conference: Malene Stoltze Rasmussen, Head of organizing committee



Dansk Psykologisk Forlag




Pearson Assessment

- what attracts the crowd? - test offers or the attractive new coffee machine?




The conference featured 15 invited speakers, 11 symposia, and 38 open papers and posters. There were 428 participants.    

Reception Monday evening. Uta Frith, Jørgen Scheel-Krüger, Chris Frith, & Morten Kringelbach

Malene Stoltze Rasmussen





Anne-Lise Christensen, Jarl Risberg, & Ritva Laaksonen told about the beginnings of the tradition of Nordic meetings in neuropsychology





Gry Zornhagen, Julie Nyvang, & Linn Øfsti,

Dept. of Psychology, Copenhagen








Jens Riis (Head of local organizing committee), Anegen Trillingsgaard, Marit Korkman, & Anne-Lise Christensen












Charlie and his Pearson brain







Conference dinner in Rold Forest








Many people worked hard to make this meeting a success. These two certainly did and deserve special mention and thanks:


Jens Riis


Head of Local Organizing Committee











Lene Sahlholdt

Co-chairman of the Scientific Committee












Wednesday: Closing of the conference    

Maria Korsnes


Maria is the editor of the Norwegian Journal of Neuropsychology which will feaure - in its autumn 2010 issue - extended summaries of invited lectures and symposia from Aalborg









Photographs: Anders Gade, Department of Psychology, Copenhagen University