Neurodag 2009

Friday November 6, 2009   -   Lundbeckfonden Auditorium, Copenhagen Biocenter


Music & memory




Timothy D. Griffiths

Newcastle University

Music and the brain












Billy Cross

The musical brain - a view from the inside










Presentation competition
for junior investigators

Four finalists were given 12 minutes each to present their research

Katrine, Jiri, Florence, & Carina


Jiri Bartek
Alteplase treatment of intraventricular hemorrhage - a clinical pilot study

Katrine Fabricius
Validating a schizophrenic rat model


Carina Jørgensen
How does PDE5 inhibitors improve stroke? Is it through the endothelial cell?

Florence Cotel
Serotonin induces central fatigue in motor neurons




Line Gebauer, CFIN, Århus


Anders Ettrup, NRU, Copenhagen


Florence Cotel


Stanislava Pankratova















Kenneth L. Madsen












Lisa Lyck


Jakob Kiesbye Dreyer




Elisabeth Bock
Jørn Hounsgaard











Larry Squire

San Diego, CA

Conscious and unconscious memory systems of the mammalian brain












Among the organizers ..

Morten Møller












Rune W. Berg










Photography: Anders Gade, Department of Psychology