9th Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology

August 19-22, 2007, Göteborg, Sweden


Photographs by Anders Gade






Highlights: Invited speakersReception at Börsen Trädgårdsföreningens Park

Portraits: DanesSwedesNorwegiansFinnsothers    





Michael Corballis, Robert Bornstein, & Matti Laine





With about 670 participants this was the largest Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology yet






Opening of conference


Jarl Risberg  - chairman of Organizing Committee



The special theme of the conference was language: "On speaking terms with the brain. Mechanisms and disorders of communication"

  The first invited lecture of the conference was a joint one:
Uta & Chris Frith on "The social brain and its failures"

List of invited lectures & portraits of lecturers


Uta and

    Chris Frith   The social brain and its failures



Invited lecture:


 Joaquin Fuster

Neural foundations of  working memory












  Joaquin Fuster & Giocomo Rizzolatti speaking Italian - Joaquin is a Catalonian, and he claims that is close enough to Italian to make him both understand and speak it  


Three invited speakers on Svenska Mässan's  balcony: Corballis, Benasich, & Rizzolatti    

April Benasich making a point


.. is it a commentary on mirror neurons ?

Michael Corballis

 From manual gestures to speech: 
evolutionary perspective

April Benasich

Timing is everything: Converging  evidence for prediction of language delays
from infancy  to  later childhood


















Per Alm

 -  organized  symposium 1 on stuttering





Christopher Gillberg


Symposium 3

Children grow up: Longitudinal studies of neuropsychiatric disorders with early childhood onset











Monday night Reception by the city of Göteborg and Västagötalandsregionen på Börsen  

Photographs from the reception












Invited Lecture 7


Ingvar Lundberg: The child's route to reading




 Ingvar Lundberg

Language and learning:  The child’s route to reading





Symposium 8: Screening of dementia.  Organized by Laura Hokkanen    
Tuomo Hänninen, Mona Sotaniemi, Laura Hokkanen, & Andreas Monsch  

Laura Hokkanen


meeting rooms ..    

Most of the sessions took place in K1, K2 & K3, three long and narrow wedge-shaped auditoriums with deep cushioned seats and a tiny screen up front.

A few lucky sessions were located on the lower floor in J1, a very decent and pleasant room with  lively discussions.





Escalator down to coffee, posters (and J1)



Agneta Sandström & her poster  -  About 50 posters were on display    

Michael Andresen




Photographs from oral paper session 3: Schizophrenia (in J1)


Photographs from oral paper session 4: Neuropsychological assessment (in J1)



Jerker Rönnberg





Jerker organized (with Mary Rudner)
a symposium on "Cognition and sign language"









Invited lecture

Maureen Dennis







Maureen Dennis

Hot language: The neurolinguistics of emotions, mental states, and affective rhetoric






Tuesday night: Conference dinner                                                Photographs from Trädgårdsföreningens Park


 Venke Arntsberg, Anne Kristin Solbakk, Marianne Løvstad, Erik Hessen, & Sverre Andresen                





Jette Stokholm

organized symposium 11

Language function in dementia













Photographs from symposium 11


Lars-Göran Nilsson


organized symposium 12

The Betula Study on memory, health and aging






Jonas Persson, Åke Wahlin, Farah Moniri, Lars-Göran Nilsson, & Maria Larsson



Invited lectures  

Photographs of invited speakers

Edvard Moser

How do we find the way? Brain mechanisms of spatial orientation

Matti Laine

Language learning, bilingualism and the brain

Michael Ullman

Contributions of memory  brain systems to first and second language 




After conference entertainment
Hovs Hallar (where the Halland ridge meets the sea)


Hovs Hallar er den sidste udløber af Hallandsåsen, og bag kystlinien rejser landet sig mere end 100 meter op. Fra Hovs Hallar kigger man ind i selve Hallandsåsen, som her består af rød gnejs, som blev dannet for 1,8 milliarder år siden. Selve åsen blev skabt for 230 millioner år siden, hvor kontinenternes bevægelser fik Hallandsåsen til at hæve sig op over det øvrige landskab.

"Nere vid Hovs hallar kaster åsen av sig all skyddande förklädning. Naken och hård, ensam och utan mått är klippans poesi. Här tiger orden, som alltid, när människan står stilla i portvalvet mot evigheten"  (Nils Ludvig, 1957)    



Hanne Udesen

Dept. of Neurology,






Hanne is also my wife.  She takes me to geologically interesting places.    
Photographs by Anders Gade