INS Mid-Year Meeting 2009, Helsinki, July 29-August 1, 2009  -   Posters

There were close to 400 posters at the meeting - here are a few of them

Thursday morning. Poster session 1: Intervention, psychopathology, TBI, ADHD    

Tania Malouf



- explaining her poster to Jens Riis, Denmark








Michelle McKerral


Relationship between neuropsychologial intervention and vocational outcome following traumatic brain injury rehabilitation








Lars Siert











Lorie Humphrey

Los Angeles, CA

Rey Osterreith performance in Finnish adolescents with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)








Thursday afternoon. Poster session 2: Aging, dementia, cognitive neuroscience & more    

Linus Andersson






Petra Sandberg, the mother, was a co-author



Louis Nahum



The value of nothing: Behavioral relevance determines the processing of negative prediction errors








Patrick Quinlan

Göteborg, Sweden

Inverse relationship between triiodothyronine and cognition in MCI


Patrick discusses his results with Anders Wallin






Kyungin Choi


The role of a default-mode network in stress experience in elderly people with harm avoidance trait






Jason Hassenstab

Providence, RI

The effect of withdrawal on brain response to smoking cues









Friday morning. Poster session 3: Epilepsy, stroke, visuospatial and executive functions, etc .....    

Mary Kosmidis

Thessalonika, Greece

Learning strategies as an indication of executive verbal memory: A comparison of patients with schizophrenia, patients with multiple sclerosis and healthy controls on a Greek CVLT-type task








Elaine Nunez Castellar

Ghent, Belgium

Error processing in social contexts: Cooperation and competition in interaction with biological and non-biological agents







Friday afternoon. Poster session 4: Pediatric, developmental, language, memory, assessment    

Gerd Waldhauser

Lund, Sweden












Bengt Persson


Autism and schizophrenia - overlap and differential aspects









Anders Gade