INS Mid-Year Meeting 2009, Helsinki, July 29-August 1, 2009  - symposia    
The meeting featured a total of 17 symposia, half of them invited. I have photographs from a few of them.    

Vicky Anderson, Australia,  organized an invited symposium on

Theoretical and clinical contributions to the social neuroscience: a developmental perspective.

Huw Williams was one of the presenters








Huw Williams    

Jonathan Evans

-  organized a symposium
"The neuropsychology of dual-tasking" -


 - with fellow Scottish researchers








Haukur Pálmason

was one of the presenters in an invited symposium: "Searching for the etiology of ADHD using EEG, genetics and measures of executive function"



Haukur was a student of mine in Copenhagen, and I have other Icelandic students interested in ADHD




ADHD-symposium presenters

- Iceland has the highest use of amphetamine and ritalin in the treatment of ADHD in Europe - on par with the US.

The symposium was organized by Solveig Jonsdottir (middle)




Thomas Habekost

from Copenhagen organized an invited symposium "Fast, focused, or the fabulous four: Teasing apart the elements of visual attention"











Visual attention symposium
presenters outside the Marina Conference Center.

From left: Thomas Habekost, Signe Vangkilde (both Copenhagen), Kathrin Finke, & Prisca Stenneken (Munich)






Taina Nybo organized a symposium with W. Brouwer, A. Schanke, & C. Lundberg "Driving and cognition"








Wiebo Brouwer & Taina Nybo  after the symposium    

Maarten Milders, Joke Spikman, & Harriet Smedling (Netherlands) in the symposium on "Social cognition: Investigation of clinical profiles"









Question from the audience: Bregina Appels






Finnish symposium: "Neuropsychology in psychiatric disorders" -



 - organized by

Annamari Tuulio-Henriksson











Anders Gade