The INS Mid-Year Meeting 2009
was organized by the Finnish Neuropsychological Society
and held at the waterfront in Helsinki.
It attracted about 650 participants.


Invited speakers


Poster sessions



Abstracts can be found in a pdf-file at the conference website:




Registration at the venue:
Marina Congress Center, Helsinki


  Wednesday, July 29, 2009  
The meeting was chaired by Laura Hokkannen & Erja Poutiainen Opening: Laura Hokkanen  



Erja Poutiainen    






Michael Corballis

Presidential address:
Time, language, and the human brain



















Evening: Reception at Helsinki City Hall          




Jonathan Evans & his team for the Dual Tasking symposium









Jens Riis, Denmark,
Michael Schönberger, Australia









Johanna Sjöblom
Käte From


(although Johanna is really from Finland, lives in Sweden, and works in Denmark)


Jonathan Evans
Armin Schnider

(Scotland & Switzerland)




Psychology Press books



My table with
(i) dias shows of photographs from the conference as they were edited,
(ii) a folder with preliminary information on the next (10th) Nordic Meeting in Neuropsychology to be held in Aalborg, Denmark, August 15-18, 2010. ("The social brain - development and dysfunction")
(iii) Material on "Klinisk neuropsykologi", a book in Danish edited by me and three of my colleagues and due to be released in August 2009




The meeting ended on Saturday, August 1, in Tallinn, Estonia, with a lecture by Endel Tulving and the final symposium and paper sessions.    


Introduction by Jarl Risberg, Lund  



Laura Hokkanen


Our thanks to Laura and her team of organizers for a succesful meeting


INS-officers in Tallinn

Bob Bornstein
Bob Heaton














Tallinn: Baltic amber






After conference amusements

Hanne and I went to the Turku Archipelago, where we visited some 20 islands on the Archipelago Trail.  A bicycle may be recommended, but we are getting old and lazy, so we had a rented car. The islands on the trail are joined together by 12 bridges and nine ferries, with boat rides from 5 minutes to one hour. It was magnificent!




Photographs and lay-out: