Poster sessions   Robert Sommer Award Symposium 2008

Poster session 4

Clinical aspects / reward



Heinrich Graf von Reventlov


Patterns of depression in putatively high-risk for psychosis subjects



Poster session 1     Neurotransmitters & genetics    

Valentin Markov



Dysbindin 1 single nucleotide polymorphismus (SNP) s 1018381 correlates with cerebral activation in bilateral middle frontal gyrus during a working memory task in healthy individuals







Anja Schmitz, Giessen  

Prepulse inhibition - an endophenotype for schizophrenia and its associations to dopaminergic and serotonergic polymorphiss


Sergi Papiol,



Support for the contribution of the NRG1 gene (8p12-p21) to the risk for schizophrenia: Case-control association in a German population based on the GRAS Data Collection (Göttingen Research Association for Schizophrenia)









Poster session 2: Social cognition    
Christine Heinisch, Bochum Katja Kölkebeck, Münster  

Self-other discrimination in schizophrenic patients


Functional magnetic resonance and diffusion tensor imaging study of Theory of Mind deficits in a Japanese sample of schizophrenic patients



Mona Abdel-Hamid, Bochum

Mentalising in schizophrenia: The role of clinical symptomatology and neurocognition in understanding other people's thoughts and intentions

Poster session 3  Atttention, gating & working memory    
Christine Esslinger, Mannheim   Katharina Sass, Aachen

Perceptual and associative salience attribution in antipsychotic-naďve schizophrenic patients - preliminary results from an fMRI study


Lion-(Tiger)-stripes: The influence of indirect priming and modalities on semantic processing

Kathrin Doege, Nottingham

Reduced anterior cingulate and medial-frontal cortex activity during the N200 time window in schizophrenia patients

Bodil Aggernćs, Copenhagen

Sensory gating in first-episode, antipsychotic-naďve schizophrenia patients. A longitudinal study.

Nikolaj Bak, Copenhagen

Source localization of sensory gating: Concurrent assessment of EEG and fMRI, preliminary results

Photography and layout: Anders Gade, Department of Psychology, Copenhagen University