Neuroimaging of human cognition


The Danish Society for Neuroscience has an annual spring symposium at Sandbjerg Manor - a conference center owned by Aarhus University and beautifully situated between a mill pond and Alssund - a narrow strait - in Southern Jutland.
The 2007 symposium was organized by Martin Skov, Karam Sidaros, Frederik Stjernfelt & Olaf Paulson


Among the invited lecturers: Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Bethesda, and Chris Frith, London




Programme & speakers

Sunday, May 6

Morten Kringelbach

Pleasures of the brain





Terry Jernigan
San Diego & Hvidovre Hospital

The maturing brain






Monday, May 7

Mark Schram Christensen
Copenhagen University

Cognitive motor control








Gitte Moos Knudsen,  Neurobiology Research Center, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

Molecular brain imaging



Coffee break in the park - Troels Kjær,  Rigshospitalet




Bjørn Ebdrup, Hans Rasmussen, & Rune Andersen, Schizophrenia research group, Glostrup Hospital



Peter Vuust, University of Aarhus & the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus

Neural processing of musical 'syntax'


Torben Lund, Hvidovre Hospital (now Aarhus)

Neuroimaging, human cognition, and other artefacts


Mikkel Valentin
Aarhus University

Ups and downs of memory for spatial language











Søren Kyllingsbæk
Copenhagen University

Visual attention
























Kaffepause                    Katrine Pagsberg og Peter Vuust                                           Mette Callesen




Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg
NIH, Bethesda, USA & Mannhein, Germany)

Imaging genetics












Gala dinner: Gitte Moos Knudsen & Hans Lou


After dinner: William Baaré & Anne-Marie Dogonowski











Tuesday, May 8


Martin Skov














Chris Frith

Imaging social interactions












Andreas Roepstorff

Methodological considerations in neuroimaging of cognition














Maurice Ptito
Montreal &Aarhus

Neural mechanisms of sensory substitution in blind humans as revealed by brain imaging techniques










Photographs: Anders Gade, Institute of Psychology, Copenhagen University